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“Our 11-14 Step Terrazzo Floor Restoration Process is Outshining all of our Competition”

Safe Dry has been performing terrazzo restoration in Central and Southwest Florida for many years. Our terrazzo restoration system will make your terrazzo floors look great. We grind deeper, to remove more stains, glue and darkening, than any other company we know of.

Terrazzo Restoration HTC 500 machine

Our goal is to restore your terrazzo to the best condition possible. We use the best tools available to restore your terrazzo. The grinder above is our tool of choice. Once we grind, using as many as four metal bond diamond grits we hone the floor with three grits of resin bond diamonds. Then the real fun starts. Once we finish grinding and honing we will begin our terrazzo polishing process. This terrazzo floor restoration will put a terrazzo shine on your floor that the installer never thought possible.

. We will show you how to properly maintain your terrazzo floors as well as what terrazzo cleaners are best for your floor. My blog talks a lot about the origins of terrazzo and offers a world of knowledge. Please check out our blog and be the most knowledgeable person in your area in terrazzo refinishing. What is terrazzo and where did it come from?

Your Florida terrazzo is most likely made of Portland cement and marble chips. Terrazzo today is often made from epoxy and marble. At Safe Dry we restore terrazzo with the best equipment available.  We use this equipment along with the appropriate steps and the most advanced tooling in the world.

Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration can clean any type of terrazzo floor. Your terrazzo flooring will look new again after it is cleaned by Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration. Our terrazzo floors get second looks after they are cleaned, that’s how we maintain an “A” rating with the BBB. Our clients are satisfied with our professional services and technicians and they know their terrazzo tile floors are in good hands with Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration. Whether it is terrazzo flooring, an epoxy floor coating, moisture vapor barrier, urethane flooring, urethane coatings we do it all. What is terrazzo and where did it come from?

If you own rental properties, why replace the carpet when you have beautiful terrazzo underneath. Let us show you how great that old washed out floor can look. Our terrazzo restoration systems include dry, or wet depending on what is right for your terrazzo floor.  At Safe Dry we can hone and diamond polish your terrazzo to look better then you ever thought possible. We will hone and diamond polish to 3000 Grit. That means your floor will last for as long as you maintain it. Even after eight to ten years we can return your floor to like new with only a three step process.

Proper Terrazzo Care

It is important for homeowners with terrazzo flooring to understand proper care of their floor. At Safe Dry we can give you a great looking terrazzo floor, but it is up to you to maintain your floor. One of the reasons people polish their terrazzo is not only to get a great looking floor but, also to have a floor that needs little maintenance to stay looking great.

In order to keep your floor looking great you need to clean with a neutral cleaner, Dust mop often, preferably with a microfiber dust mop, and have a good rug at your main entrance to wipe your feet on. A natural cleaner is a product with a pH near or at 7.0. We sell these cleaners, in a highly concentrated form, so one gallon will last for months and the pH of 7.0 means that the product is safe for all cement, natural stone floors as well as vintage terrazzo flooring.

Terrazzo is made of marble and Portland cement, so it should be cleaned to protect that shine and extend the life of the shine.

Dust mopping often is another very important step in protecting terrazzo. The average grit of a grain of sand is 200. Properly polished terrazzo is done up to 3000 grit. Sand is the enemy of terrazzo, so dust mop often and enjoy the same shine on your floor for many years to come.

The third step is a good rug at the entrances to your home. Best to stop the sand before in ever gets in.

Follow these steps after our quality terrazzo restoration and visitors to your home will marvel at a terrazzo shine they never thought possible. Call today so you can, “Get Your Shine On.”

Some of Our Latest Work:


Dry Polished Terrazzo in Florida South Florida Diamond Polished Terrazzo Terrazzo Restored in Central Florida by SafeDry Sarasota Terrazzo Floors restored by SafeDry Ground and Polished Terrazzo in Florida Terrazzo Restoration by SafeDry Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration in Sarasota and Bradenton

Is a Polished Floor Slippery?

Flooring systems used on industrial, commercial, and residential terrazzo floors should provide a safe walking surface in both wet and dry conditions. By measuring the coefficient of friction (COF), a quantitative number can be used to express the degree of slip resistance of a floor surface.

test 1

test 2

These figures are consistent with a typical terrazzo restoration done with HTC equipment and diamond tooling. When the coefficient of friction is measured from a resting position, it is called the “static coefficient of friction” (SCOF). When it is measured when the surfaces are in relative motion, it is called the “dynamic coefficient of friction”. Measuring the dynamic COF is difficult and requires a strict laboratory environment for accurate results. The James Machine would be used in this situation under the ASTM D-2047 standard. Almost all portable and laboratory meters measure only the static COF and most measuring devices (slip meters) refer to static COF based off the ASTM C1028 standard. The Sellmeier slip test meter measures both Static and Dynamic coefficient and provides a digital printout and audit trail.

The higher the SCOF, the less slippery the surface. It is possible to have too high a SCOF; the surface can be too slip resistant and difficult to walk on. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) initially set a standard of 0.50 or higher for polished surfaces. Because the required friction for normal walking is significantly below that figure (as measured on the James Machine), a coefficient of 0.35 is sufficient. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will only recommend that you try to achieve a 0.50 SCOF for flat surfaces. In short, there really is no set standard that anyone will stand behind. Plus, all of the standards were tested using natural stone and liquid protectants / coatings. So we have to group ourselves in with this category until they do testing for polished concrete.

The test results shown here were done with the Sellmeier FSC-2000 at HTC’s facility in Knoxville, TN. Test #1 was a dry test with a leather slider on polished concrete at a level of 3000 grit. Test #2 was a wet test with synthetic slider on polished concrete at a level of 3000 grit. The results were taken from an average of multiple readings and tests.

Terrazzo Restoration for Tile Covered Terrazzo

If you have terrazzo that needs restored that has been covered with tile, click here.



Terrazzo Restoration HTC 500 machine
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